Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mistakes investors should not commit

  • Dont sell stocks after the results. A stock which moves up despite a very bad result, is certain to go places. Read between the lines.
  • A long term holding shouldnt be sold at a small profit.
  • Dont get carried away by what you hear on TV or read in news papers and Magazines. They mostly post near term view points. Close ur eyes and think of the business for next 2 years. Make a detailed study before commiting funds.
  • Dont shuffle ur portfolio too often unless you want to make your broker rich.
  • If you have to sell some stocks from your portfolio, forget the buying price. List the stocks you must hold, sell the stocks which come last in priority
  • Intraday/short term stocks shouldnt be carried forward especially when you are at a loss.
Know your risk before you trade

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